Web Content Management


Are you finding it difficult to maintain and update your website on regular basis?

We can be your dedicated web content manager.

Small business owners in particular have a hard time keeping their website up to date. An outdated website reflects very badly on your business - and it turns visitors, customers and potential customers away.

It helps visitors to revisit your website which is required to retain your customers.

Don't let a shortage of skills, time or resources stand in the way of having a good website full of interesting, relevant and up to date content.

Just outsource it to us. It doesn't need to cost much.

Content Updation

We will keep an eye on your website and will alert you if we see that things have become outdated now.

We'll discuss with you how to update it, see if you have any new information you can send us. And then We'll quickly and effectively update your website. Some clients email us some changes every couple of months and we simply update the website based on that information.

For as little as $30 you can have your website updated. A small investment for something as important as your face to the world.

Get in touch with me to discuss the options.



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