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alien web expert.comoffers a full range of web design services.

We can create entire websites for small and medium-sized businesses, individuals and organisations. We'll design the site from scratch but usually base it on any existing logos, images and colour schemes you have.

We generally use a combination of HTML and CSS for websites to keep the site fast and lean and make it easy to update the design. It's also good for SEO. You can also choose to include Flash animations or even have an entire Flash site (with alternative HTML pages recommended for SEO purposes).

If you want a CMS (Content Management System) to update your site easily yourself, we offer websites on the Drupal and joomla platform, which also makes it easy to add a blog to your site.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and the possibilities for a great looking, professional, content-driven website.

Domain & Hosting

We can give you advice on a good domain name - one that is logical, people friendly and search engine friendly - before you decide on the URL to register.

For SEO purposes, we will create optimised page names for your web pages so your URLs will help you perform well in search engine rankings.

We can give you an all-in quote for web design, domain name & hosting, SEO and content writing if that's what you're after, or for any of these elements separately. Just let us know what you need.



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